A passion for art & Design

About Our Web Master: Linda has a passion for Art and Design, Creative Writing and Contemporary Communications. She originally pursued a career as a professional Art Teacher before she decided to move over to digital Graphic Art and Web Development and Front-end Design. 

She attended Salem State University (originally, a teacher’s college), where she received her BA in Fine Art; the University of NH where she received certificates in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing; and the University of MA, where she received certificates in Web Development, in Web Design, and in Contemporary Communications.

Linda continued her career as a Marketing Manager for a privately held, physics corporation and focused on product advertising for over 10 years. Later, she advanced to become a Senior Business Analyst as well as a Senior Communications Executive at a major U. S. defense contractor and industrial corporation; from there she went on to provide technical expertise across the Engineering Division (of over 200 engineers) at a U. S. DoD research and development center chartered to apply advanced technology to problems of national security.

She left both public and private sectors to pursue a career in Freelance Design and continues to use graphics, photography, and fine art to create impactful designs. During her work on freelance projects, she is also focusing on Search Engine Optimization to improve the user experience. 

Endless possibilities

Northeast Web Studios LLC partners with  Lindas Web Studio to explores endless possibilities of merging art and design to promote industries by creating pleasing and thought-provoking visuals. These include DoD sponsored programs, corporate, local businesses, and non-profit agencies.

Linda explores different techniques in her artwork and documents the process. As she shares her design practices, she aims to excite others about UI/UX Design and its larger role in the community. In the future, she’d like to participate in a global collaborative art project that will have a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

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